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Michael Thelander has an extensive background in cybersecurity product marketing and management. He’s also a passionate worshipper of Jesus.

​Unexpected Blessings: A Morning with Jon & Valerie Guerra

We wake up on any given day with the possibility of being blessed beyond our understanding

Worship and Wine Skins

From Hymns to Charlie Hall …. from Nichole Nordeman to Prince … it's all about new wineskins for new wine

"Will Compose for Food" — Congress & Songwriter Equity

New legislation in the US Congress hopes to correct a growing imbalance and amend an important piece of copyright law

Of Copyright and Churches, Oncoming Trains and Change

5 Things churches should know about the US Copyright Office’s recommendations for copyright changes

Unlikely Copyright Champions

Mickey Mouse, Mark Twain, and the curious evolution of copyright law

Are There "Good" Song Years?

A stroll through the vineyard called "This Week’s Top 20"

Facebook, Privacy, and IP Hoaxes

Our favorite recurring hoax, just in time for the New Year

In the World, But Not of It

Why should free gifts of the spirit be constrained by copyright laws? Because God is fair

Why I'm Here

One individual’s reflection on the power of worship

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