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As a songwriter, worship leader and a member of the marketing team, Paul is connected to CCLI in every possible way. Paul serves as CCLI’s Content Creator in the U.S. Service Center in Vancouver, Washington. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from George Fox University and has served as a marketing/communications specialist and a worship leader for a number of churches and ministries.

SongSelect’s New Liturgy Page: Foundation and Fresh Wind

"What's this new Liturgy section all about?" As someone who helps plan worship services, maybe the new "Liturgy" link on the SongSelect home page has...

A Heart For The People Behind The Production

They may be the most relied-upon, yet the most under-appreciated. They may be focused on every note and every word in the service, yet too...

Bridging The Gap: The Music Itself

My initial article, “Yes, We Went There…” posed the question: Why are there no Black Gospel songs in the CCLI Top 100? There are...

Yes, We Went There…

"Why are there no Black Gospel songs in the CCLI Top 100?" I often conduct workshops at worship conferences on Worship Music Trends as seen through the...

Football Church

I’ll admit it. Recently I was in Phoenix, AZ visiting my daughter, and we decided to attend a different church. A very different church. It’s...

Yes, Hope Will Rise

It just took awhile.


Sloppy wet or Unforeseen?

The Preference Pendulum

Truth Really IS at the Center of It All

Arguing Over God’s Music

In time, He will show us what real music is.

Chasing BPM Perfection

Why perfect tempo is so elusive

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