Idol Worship

Some are wood and stone. Others, flesh and blood.

They're Coming To See Jesus

Why they're immediately disappointed.

What Do We Do With "Hallelujah"?

Why it resonates so strongly.
Adore Him

Adore Him

One man's lifelong ambition.

Seven Reasons Why Every Church Should Get SongSelect

Here are seven reasons why every pastor should make sure their church gets a subscription to SongSelect Premium by CCLI.

Songs that Move

For a moment the lyrics cut through my consciousness and my emotions rose to the surface.

My Walk

Sometimes the best thing we can do with a tired, worn-out cliché is resurrect it.

Hear Our Prayer

For the persecuted and the persecutors

"I Built My House Upon A Stone"

Jason Upton reflects on the creation of a powerful worship song

Blockbusters, the Bible, and Big Questions

How churches are using movies to help answer Big Questions