My Walk

Sometimes the best thing we can do with a tired, worn-out, dead cliché is resurrect it.

I’ve been a church guy all my life, so I’ve heard lots of church people talk about their “walk with the Lord.” Somewhere along the way, it all started sounding like Charlie Brown’s teacher to me. Wah-wah-wah.


Until recently, when I actually started walking. With Jesus.

Because of some current life circumstances, my daily walk with Jesus is my place of peace. My solace. And the best part of my day. As we walk, we carry on a conversation. I talk to Him out loud. And He responds, deep in my soul.

Here’s another cliché: Life-changing. But this one really has been. You know how sometimes we feel guilty when we’re singing a worship song we don’t really mean? For years, I had to check myself when singing the chorus of “Breathe.”

And I – I’m desperate for You.

I never really felt desperate then. But now I do…in a good way. And once the hard season passes and circumstances change, I want to stay this desperate.

Here’s another concept that’s almost reaching cliché status: Personal time of worship. I hear about it a lot in worship seminars. Lots of people talk about how authentic worship in a weekend church service can only happen if worship leaders and worship team members have personal times of worship during the week.

I agree. As I circle the track at the school near my house, there are times when my face lifts upward, my hands raise, and I sing. I don’t really care who’s watching. This is between me and my Maker. I’ll look up into a deep blue canvas sky at His vibrant, living art, sometimes painted with beautiful, wispy clouds, sometimes with thick, fierce clouds, but all with a Master’s touch. Sometimes His rain is hitting me in the face. Sometimes His sunset glows on the horizon. Sometimes I’m marveling at Orion, The Big Dipper, and countless other stars that only He knows the names of. Yes, the heavens declare His glory–always. And I’m caught up in worship. Wonder.

Here are a few recent discoveries that get heavy rotation on my Worship Playlist during my walks with Jesus. And we sing along.

“Alive” – Brothers McClurg

I don’t know if there has ever been a better Walking Worship song. The rhythm, cadence and push/pull guitar strum pattern keeps me at a nice pace. Both my feet and my head bob. There are 10 “Alives” in each chorus, and with each “Alive” I feel more alive. Thanks, Chris and Anthony.

“You Wait” – Charlie Hines

There’s also a full-blown production piano-driven version, but I like this version with just acoustic guitar so much better. Thanks Charlie.

“The One Thing” – Paul Colman

This one starts cool and just gets cooler. “Only one thing doesn’t change, Only one thing stays the same, All I know at the end of the day is, Your love remains.” Thanks Paul.

Jesus said over and over that He would be with us. That He would be close. It’s true. Each day, He’s right there, walking beside me.

I love clichés. That are born again.

As a songwriter, worship leader and a member of the marketing team, Paul is connected to CCLI in every possible way. Paul serves as CCLI’s Content Creator in the U.S. Service Center in Vancouver, Washington. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from George Fox University and has served as a marketing/communications specialist and a worship leader for a number of churches and ministries.


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